Mrs Blake’s lucky find

Gustamps were visited by Mrs Blake who works locally in Brighton. Mrs Blake came into Gustamps shop with a group of postcards which she said she had unearthed whilst cleaning out her loft. Mrs Blake said she was downsizing and before she threw the postcards away her son told her she should check out their value. Gustamps told Mrs Blake her son’s advice was good and her postcards indeed were collectible. Gustamps valuer told Mrs Blake the cards dated back to WWI and were posted from France. The cards had been censored with the names of the towns crossed out and scarce censor marks and cachets adorned the postcards. Gustamps valuation for the group of cards was £45 and Mrs Blake was told that Gustamps would offer that amount to buy them. Mrs Blake was pleased to accept the offer telling Gustamps valuer she would have been ready to throw them in the bin. Mrs Blake also told Gustamps manager she was going to split the £45 payment with her son for his good advice.

Gustamps thanks Mrs Blake for letting Gustamps share her valuation experience at Gustamps with other readers.


Peter’s granddad’s windfall

Peter Henshaw spotted Gustamps stamp shop whilst he was on  holiday in Brighton. Amazed at the stamps on display at Gustamps shop, Peter asked Gustamps staff how much it would cost to have his own stamp collection valued by Gustamps. Peter was soon told that he could have his stamps valued by Gustamps free of charge. Peter told Gustamps that unfortunately he was on holiday and his stamps were at home, but he told Gustamps staff he was coming back to Brighton in a month or so and he would bring his stamps along to Gustamps for his free Gustamps stamp valuation. Sure enough Peter returned to Brighton three weeks later and his first stop was at Gustamps shop for Gustamps stamp valuation. Peter Henshaw’s stamp album was valued at only £15 by Gustamps. Tom told Gustamps it was his own schoolboy collection of several years ago and he had hoped that it would have been worth more than the Gustamps valuation of £15. Then Mr Henshaw produced a small white envelope from his pocket which contained several Victorian stamps from Fiji and Hawaii “these were given to me by my Grandfather, but I never got round to sticking them in my stamp album” said Peter. Guastamps stamp valuer said the stamps in the envelope were much rarer than those in Peter’s schoolboy album. The valuation Gustamps gave Peter for his Grandfather’s Victorian stamps was £650. Gustamps offered to buy the envelop of stamps from Peter for £650 and Peter accepted Gustamps offer. Peter kept his schoolboy album  to give to his son and thanked Gustamps for their free stamp valuation.

Gustamps would like to thank Peter Henshaw for allowing Gustamps to publish this blog.

Gustamps’ valuation expert sees Anton again

Gustamps valuation expert was pleased to take up Anton’s invitation for a drink at the hotel Anton was staying at. Anton told Gustamps’ valuation expert how he wished he’d come to Gustamps first. Anton said he’d wasted days going to different stamp dealers, also he had wasted £38 on stamp valuation fees. Anton was pleased however how things turned out with his £260 payment from Gustamps, and he was enjoying his Brighton holiday.

Gustamps thanks Anton once more for his valuation experiences and allowing Gustamps to share them with other stamp collectors.

Anton’s valuation appointment at Gustamps

Having contacted Gustamps by telephone, Anton made an appointment with Gustamps for a stamp valuation. Gustamps explained to Anton that the valuation may take some time and only to make the appointment if he had sufficent time. Gustamps was told by Anton that he had at least two hours that he would leave free for Gustamps’ valuation. When Anton came to Gustamps for his appointment, he told Gustamps’ valuation expert that since his last valuation in London, the box of stamps had been sittingat his home for more than two months, and as he was coming on holiday to Brighton he might as well bring them with him. Anton asked Gustamps’ valuation expert to confirm that Gustamps’ valuation would be free of charge. He said that he could not afford to keep paying valuation fees. Gustamps’ valuation expert assured Anton that there would be no charge for the valuation. It took approximately one hour for Gustamps’ valuation expert to carefully and professionally inspect the box of stamps. Gustamps’ valuation expert said the box of stamps was in the region of £260 as some older stamps at the bottom of the box were quite scarce.

Gustamps’ valuation expert also offered to buy the box of stamps for £260. Anton accepted Gustamps’ offer and had immediate payment. Anton also invited Gustamps’ valuation expert to pop into the hotel where Anton was staying which was close to Gustamps’ shop. Anton said he would like  buy him a drink.

Gustamps would like to thank Anton for letting Gustamps publish his valuation experiences.

Anton’s stamp valuations in London

Anton decided to take his box of stamps to London. He told Gustamps that he had two separate valuations in London. The first London stamp dealer charged Anton a valuation fee of £18. Anton told Gustamps that the dealer spent 20 minutes looking through the box. Anton said to Gustamps that the dealer quoted the market value at between £70 and £100. The London dealer also offered to buy the box from Anton for £90. Anton told Gustamps that he declined the offer. Gustamps was also told by Anton that he took the box of stamps to another stamp dealer in central London. The central London dealer charged Anton a valuation fee of £10 for the stamp valuation which only took a few minutes. Gustamps heard that this valuation was higher. The central London dealer told Anton that the stamps should be worth about  £120 but the dealer was not interested in buying the box of stamps himself. He explained to Anton that he had too many stamps in stock at the moment, although he might be interested in buying them in a few months time. At this point Anton told Gustamps that he was getting tired of carrying the box of stamps around and also the valuation fees were starting to mount up. Anton told Gustamps that he had taken the stamps back home to Surrey and had decided to forget about them for a while. Anton excused himself to Gustamps but said he had an urgent appointment to go to. He said that he would pop back to Gustamps’ shop before his holiday ends, for Gustamps’ free stamp valuation.

Thanks again to Anton for his interesting valuation experiences and letting Gustamps publish them.

Anton returns to Gustamps

Anton came back to Gustamps and told Gustamps about his stamp valaution in Surrey. Anton told Gustamps about the Surrey stamp dealer who offered him £50 for his box of stamps. Now Anton told Gustamps that the next thing he did was try a man at  a car boot sale, who Anton had seen selling stamps. The car boot man did not charge Anton for a valuation and told Anton the box of stamps had little value, but he was willing to offer Anton £15 for the box. Anton told Gustamps that he thanked the car boot man for his offer and took the stamps away. Whenever Anton came to Gustamps he always seemed to be in  a hurry. He told Gustamps that he had to leave but he was on holiday in Brighton and that he would call back to Gustamps within the next few days.

Gustamps thanks Anton for his valuation experience.

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Anton’s stamp valuation in Surrey

Anton had a free stamp valuation at Gustamps before the free valuation Anton had his stamps valued elsewhere. Anton told Gustamps his brother had given him a box of stamps to sell. Anton lived in Surrey and took the box to a local stamp dealer in Surrey. The Surrey dealer charged Anton a £10 fee for the valuation (which took about 5 minutes) quoting £50 as the value. The dealer also offered to buy the box for £50. Anton told Gustamps that he paid the dealer the £10 valuation fee but declined the offer to sell the stamps. Anton said he waS late for an appointment in Brighton and left Gustamps’ shop in haste, saying he would pop in tomorrow.

Gustamps thanks Anton for allowing Gustamps to share his valuation experience.

Terry Moor wanted to know ‘why’.

Terry Moor asked Gustamps, ‘why do Gustamps give free professional stamp advice and free expert stamp valuations?’ Gustamps explained to Terry that Gustamps believes in promoting the hobby of stamp collecting. Gustamps customers appreciate free Gustamps stamp services such as free Gustamps stamp valuations. Philatelists remember if they are given good sound advice from Gustamps,and Gustamps feel it is in the interest of all stamp collectors if the hobby is promoted with the asset of free Gustamps stamp services. Gustamps have been giving collectors free philatelic advice and help for over 40 years and collecors know that over 40 years of experience allow Gustamps to offer expert stamp valuations at no charge to stamp collectors. Gustamps as stamp dealers also benefit if the hobby thrives, as do philatelists throughout the world. Gustamps hopes that answers your questions Terry and welcomes you to avail yourself of Gustamps free stamp services including Gustamps’ free valaution service.

Gustamps thanks Terry Moor for allowing Gustamps to publish his interesting question.

Gwen Jones was pleased with Gustamps’ stamp valuation

Gustamps’ customer Gwen Jones was purchasing some stamps at Gustamps shop in Brighton when she mentioned to a member of Gustamps staff that she wished could afford to have a professional valuation of a stamp collection. Miss. Jones said she was on a tight budget and could not afford it right now. Gustamps counter staff soon pointed out to Miss Jones that she could have an expert and professional valuation anytime and that indeed she could afford it as Gustamps valuations were a free of charge service to customers. Pleasantly surprised Gwen Jones replied ‘how soon can I have the valuation?’ Gustamps valuation specialist asked Gwen how soon she could bring the collection into Gustamps’ shop. Gwen said ‘how about tomorrow morning?’ The following day Miss Jones had a free stamp valuation from Gustamps. The collection which she thought was worth £200-300 contained several rare French stamps that she had inherited from her aunt. Gustamps up to date valuation of her stamps was in excess of £3,000.

Gwen sold about 20 stamps to Gustamps for £420 keeping the rest of her collection. Gwen said that the money would come in handy to her at the moment and thanking Gustamps for the valuation which is free of charge, she went home happy that her collection (minus the 20 French stamps) was still worth over £2,600. If like Gwen Jones you have a stamp collection that needs to be valued then bring it along to Gustamps’ shop at 12 Prince Albert Street in Brighton and let Gustamps’ valuation specialist give you a valuation entirely free of charge. To make an appointment to have your stamps valued, telephone Gustamps’ valuation department on 01273 326994.

Contact Gustamps before you insure your stamp collection

Gustamps advise that before you start paying insurance premiums to insure your stamp collection, you should obtain an accurate valuation. You are recommended by Gustamps not to guess the approximate value of your stamps. You should contact Gustamps first and ask Gustamps for a free stamp valuation. Gustamps have been giving expert and professional stamp valuations for over 40 years. There is no charge from Gustamps for a spoken valuation and you will know exactly at what price to insure your stamps. Whether you insure your collection for market price or for replacement value, Gustamps will be pleased to help at no extra charge to you. For helpful, free advice from Gustamps about your stamps, please contact Gustamps on 01273 326994 before you insure your stamps.