Monthly Archives: October 2014

Peter’s granddad’s windfall

Peter Henshaw spotted Gustamps stamp shop whilst he was on  holiday in Brighton. Amazed at the stamps on display at Gustamps shop, Peter asked Gustamps staff how much it would cost to have his own stamp collection valued by Gustamps. Peter was soon told that he could have his stamps valued by Gustamps free of charge. Peter told Gustamps that unfortunately he was on holiday and his stamps were at home, but he told Gustamps staff he was coming back to Brighton in a month or so and he would bring his stamps along to Gustamps for his free Gustamps stamp valuation. Sure enough Peter returned to Brighton three weeks later and his first stop was at Gustamps shop for Gustamps stamp valuation. Peter Henshaw’s stamp album was valued at only £15 by Gustamps. Tom told Gustamps it was his own schoolboy collection of several years ago and he had hoped that it would have been worth more than the Gustamps valuation of £15. Then Mr Henshaw produced a small white envelope from his pocket which contained several Victorian stamps from Fiji and Hawaii “these were given to me by my Grandfather, but I never got round to sticking them in my stamp album” said Peter. Guastamps stamp valuer said the stamps in the envelope were much rarer than those in Peter’s schoolboy album. The valuation Gustamps gave Peter for his Grandfather’s Victorian stamps was £650. Gustamps offered to buy the envelop of stamps from Peter for £650 and Peter accepted Gustamps offer. Peter kept his schoolboy album  to give to his son and thanked Gustamps for their free stamp valuation.

Gustamps would like to thank Peter Henshaw for allowing Gustamps to publish this blog.