Terry Moor wanted to know ‘why’.

Terry Moor asked Gustamps, ‘why do Gustamps give free professional stamp advice and free expert stamp valuations?’ Gustamps explained to Terry that Gustamps believes in promoting the hobby of stamp collecting. Gustamps customers appreciate free Gustamps stamp services such as free Gustamps stamp valuations. Philatelists remember if they are given good sound advice from Gustamps,and Gustamps feel it is in the interest of all stamp collectors if the hobby is promoted with the asset of free Gustamps stamp services. Gustamps have been giving collectors free philatelic advice and help for over 40 years and collecors know that over 40 years of experience allow Gustamps to offer expert stamp valuations at no charge to stamp collectors. Gustamps as stamp dealers also benefit if the hobby thrives, as do philatelists throughout the world. Gustamps hopes that answers your questions Terry and welcomes you to avail yourself of Gustamps free stamp services including Gustamps’ free valaution service.

Gustamps thanks Terry Moor for allowing Gustamps to publish his interesting question.