Anton’s valuation appointment at Gustamps

Having contacted Gustamps by telephone, Anton made an appointment with Gustamps for a stamp valuation. Gustamps explained to Anton that the valuation may take some time and only to make the appointment if he had sufficent time. Gustamps was told by Anton that he had at least two hours that he would leave free for Gustamps’ valuation. When Anton came to Gustamps for his appointment, he told Gustamps’ valuation expert that since his last valuation in London, the box of stamps had been sittingat his home for more than two months, and as he was coming on holiday to Brighton he might as well bring them with him. Anton asked Gustamps’ valuation expert to confirm that Gustamps’ valuation would be free of charge. He said that he could not afford to keep paying valuation fees. Gustamps’ valuation expert assured Anton that there would be no charge for the valuation. It took approximately one hour for Gustamps’ valuation expert to carefully and professionally inspect the box of stamps. Gustamps’ valuation expert said the box of stamps was in the region of £260 as some older stamps at the bottom of the box were quite scarce.

Gustamps’ valuation expert also offered to buy the box of stamps for £260. Anton accepted Gustamps’ offer and had immediate payment. Anton also invited Gustamps’ valuation expert to pop into the hotel where Anton was staying which was close to Gustamps’ shop. Anton said he would like  buy him a drink.

Gustamps would like to thank Anton for letting Gustamps publish his valuation experiences.