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Peter’s granddad’s windfall

Peter Henshaw spotted Gustamps stamp shop whilst he was on  holiday in Brighton. Amazed at the stamps on display at Gustamps shop, Peter asked Gustamps staff how much it would cost to have his own stamp collection valued by Gustamps. Peter was soon told that he could have his stamps valued by Gustamps free of charge. Peter told Gustamps that unfortunately he was on holiday and his stamps were at home, but he told Gustamps staff he was coming back to Brighton in a month or so and he would bring his stamps along to Gustamps for his free Gustamps stamp valuation. Sure enough Peter returned to Brighton three weeks later and his first stop was at Gustamps shop for Gustamps stamp valuation. Peter Henshaw’s stamp album was valued at only £15 by Gustamps. Tom told Gustamps it was his own schoolboy collection of several years ago and he had hoped that it would have been worth more than the Gustamps valuation of £15. Then Mr Henshaw produced a small white envelope from his pocket which contained several Victorian stamps from Fiji and Hawaii “these were given to me by my Grandfather, but I never got round to sticking them in my stamp album” said Peter. Guastamps stamp valuer said the stamps in the envelope were much rarer than those in Peter’s schoolboy album. The valuation Gustamps gave Peter for his Grandfather’s Victorian stamps was £650. Gustamps offered to buy the envelop of stamps from Peter for £650 and Peter accepted Gustamps offer. Peter kept his schoolboy album  to give to his son and thanked Gustamps for their free stamp valuation.

Gustamps would like to thank Peter Henshaw for allowing Gustamps to publish this blog.


Contact Gustamps before you insure your stamp collection

Gustamps advise that before you start paying insurance premiums to insure your stamp collection, you should obtain an accurate valuation. You are recommended by Gustamps not to guess the approximate value of your stamps. You should contact Gustamps first and ask Gustamps for a free stamp valuation. Gustamps have been giving expert and professional stamp valuations for over 40 years. There is no charge from Gustamps for a spoken valuation and you will know exactly at what price to insure your stamps. Whether you insure your collection for market price or for replacement value, Gustamps will be pleased to help at no extra charge to you. For helpful, free advice from Gustamps about your stamps, please contact Gustamps on 01273 326994 before you insure your stamps.

On 17th May 2014 Jane asked Gustamps how often should I have my stamps valued

New stamp collector Jane asked Gustamps how often she should have her stamps valued. Gustamps have been asked similar questions about valuation frequency previously. Gustamps’ reply to Jane was – as often as you wish. Gustamps stamp valuations are a free service to stamp collectors, there is no restriction as to the number of times you can have a Gustamps valuation. In fact, say Gustamps, frequent stamp valuations are good, because the values of stamps fluctuate. They increase as well as decrease due to market factors and trends. This irregular fluctuation makes it vital for you to be aware of what your stamps are worth right now. Having regular stamp valuations from Gustamps keeps you up to date with the current value of your stamp collection and as the Gustamps valuations are free you can have Gustamps valuations regularly at no cost to you. Gustamps explained to Jane that there’s no need to be in the dark about the value of your stamps. If like Jane you are not sure, please do not hesitate and contact Gustamps on 01273 326994 and ask Gustamps for a free Gustamps stamp valuation appointment. You can visit Gustamps in Sussex at the Gustamps Stamp Shop in Brighton.

Gustamps suggested to Jane that she visit the Gustamps following pages for stamp tips as well as Gustamps free stamp offers, which might help her with her stamp collection and you may wish to do the same.



Extra Free Help With Stamp Collecting From Gustamps

Now you can access valuable information and resources for your stamp collection, with help and friendly advice free of charge from Gustamps. Simply click on any of the following links;








Why do valuations vary?

Val contacted Gustamps and said “can I ask you, why do stamp valuations vary?”

Gustamps’ reply to Val was that there are differnt types of valuation. First of all, Gustamps explained that you can have a “market price valuation” . This is sometimes called a valuation for sale. The valaution price according to Gustamps would be lower than what Gustamps call a valuation for “replacement value”. Gustamps explained to Val that is someone insured the stamps the premium they would pay the insurance company would be lower for “market price” valuation than for “replacement price” valuation. Finally Gustamps told Val that some people may require a valuation for probate because this involves a written valuation is sometimes made. Gustamps explained to Val that spoken valuations, whether market price or replacement valuations, are always free from Gustamps. Thanks to Mrs. Val Rooney for letting Gustamps share her valuation question. Anyone can have their stamp collection valued by Gustamps. Any spoken valuation is speedy and free of charge. Gustamps are pleased to offer you this service whether you wish to insure your stamps, sell them or simply wish to know.

Contact Gustamps to claim your free stamp valuation. Telephone 01273 326994 anytime.

How long should a stamp valuation take?


Shane contacted Gustamps on 14th April 2014 and asked Gustamps ‘how long do I have to wait for a free valuation from Gustamps? As there is some urgency and I need to have a valuation quickly.’


Gustamps answered that it depends on how busy we are at the time. Most valuations are completed within a few days, often you can obtain a valuation from Gustamps on the same day. Gustamps have been known many times to give instant valuations on the spot within a few mintes of being requested and remember speedy valuations are at no extra charge. Gustamps stamp valuations are free regardless of how soon they are given.

Gustamps would like to thank Shane for his question and Shane’s valuation took only an hour and a half. If any readers would like to have their own stamps valued free of charge please contact Gustamps at your convenience.


Question to Gustamps

Question to Gustamps #3

My stamps have a sentimental value as they were handed down to me as an heirloom, so I would not want to sell them whatever the value. Having said that, could I still have a valuation from Gustamps?

Gustamps answer –

Of course you can, Gustamps valuations are a free of charge service. You need not sell your stamps and you are perfectly entitled to a Gustamps valuation, just like everyone else. A Gustamps valuation would be of use to you too, even if you do not wish to sell your treasured stamps. It would be nice to know what they are worth. A market price valuation from Gustamps would tell you that and the valuations are free.

Question to Gustamps

Question to Gustamps #2

My stamps are loose in an envelope, do I have to sort them out in some order before I bring them to Gustamps fpr a valuation?

Gustamps answer –

No. Just bring them as they are – the stamps will be worth the same whether they are all neat in an album or stock book, or loose in an envelope. Gustamps valuations expert will be pleased to see them and remember Gustamps valuations are free of charge.

Frequently asked questions about stamp valuations from Gustamps

Gustamps get many different questions from people wanting to have their stamps valued, here are a few of them.

Question to Gustamps #1

I havn’t collected in years but found my old schoolboy stamp album. Is it worth valuing?

Gustamps answer –

Yes, you never know, you might have stamps of some value. Bring them along to Gustamps and find out. The valuation is free of charge.

Welcome to Gustamps Free Stamp Valuations Service

Gustamps firmly believe that no one should charge stamp collectors to have their stamps valued. Valuations from Gustamps are completely and absolutely free of any cost or charge. A basic right of all stamp collectors is, in Gustamps’ opinion, to have the ability to have their stamps professionally and expertly valued without the encumbrance of any charges. This page is designed to answer frequently asked questions about the values of stamps.  If you have any questions about stamp values you can telephone Gustamps Free Valuations Department, at Gustamps stamp emporium on 01273 326994 with the knowledge that you will not be charged for your valuation.