Gwen Jones was pleased with Gustamps’ stamp valuation

Gustamps’ customer Gwen Jones was purchasing some stamps at Gustamps shop in Brighton when she mentioned to a member of Gustamps staff that she wished could afford to have a professional valuation of a stamp collection. Miss. Jones said she was on a tight budget and could not afford it right now. Gustamps counter staff soon pointed out to Miss Jones that she could have an expert and professional valuation anytime and that indeed she could afford it as Gustamps valuations were a free of charge service to customers. Pleasantly surprised Gwen Jones replied ‘how soon can I have the valuation?’ Gustamps valuation specialist asked Gwen how soon she could bring the collection into Gustamps’ shop. Gwen said ‘how about tomorrow morning?’ The following day Miss Jones had a free stamp valuation from Gustamps. The collection which she thought was worth £200-300 contained several rare French stamps that she had inherited from her aunt. Gustamps up to date valuation of her stamps was in excess of £3,000.

Gwen sold about 20 stamps to Gustamps for £420 keeping the rest of her collection. Gwen said that the money would come in handy to her at the moment and thanking Gustamps for the valuation which is free of charge, she went home happy that her collection (minus the 20 French stamps) was still worth over £2,600. If like Gwen Jones you have a stamp collection that needs to be valued then bring it along to Gustamps’ shop at 12 Prince Albert Street in Brighton and let Gustamps’ valuation specialist give you a valuation entirely free of charge. To make an appointment to have your stamps valued, telephone Gustamps’ valuation department on 01273 326994.