Anton returns to Gustamps

Anton came back to Gustamps and told Gustamps about his stamp valaution in Surrey. Anton told Gustamps about the Surrey stamp dealer who offered him £50 for his box of stamps. Now Anton told Gustamps that the next thing he did was try a man at  a car boot sale, who Anton had seen selling stamps. The car boot man did not charge Anton for a valuation and told Anton the box of stamps had little value, but he was willing to offer Anton £15 for the box. Anton told Gustamps that he thanked the car boot man for his offer and took the stamps away. Whenever Anton came to Gustamps he always seemed to be in  a hurry. He told Gustamps that he had to leave but he was on holiday in Brighton and that he would call back to Gustamps within the next few days.

Gustamps thanks Anton for his valuation experience.

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