Anton’s stamp valuations in London

Anton decided to take his box of stamps to London. He told Gustamps that he had two separate valuations in London. The first London stamp dealer charged Anton a valuation fee of £18. Anton told Gustamps that the dealer spent 20 minutes looking through the box. Anton said to Gustamps that the dealer quoted the market value at between £70 and £100. The London dealer also offered to buy the box from Anton for £90. Anton told Gustamps that he declined the offer. Gustamps was also told by Anton that he took the box of stamps to another stamp dealer in central London. The central London dealer charged Anton a valuation fee of £10 for the stamp valuation which only took a few minutes. Gustamps heard that this valuation was higher. The central London dealer told Anton that the stamps should be worth about  £120 but the dealer was not interested in buying the box of stamps himself. He explained to Anton that he had too many stamps in stock at the moment, although he might be interested in buying them in a few months time. At this point Anton told Gustamps that he was getting tired of carrying the box of stamps around and also the valuation fees were starting to mount up. Anton told Gustamps that he had taken the stamps back home to Surrey and had decided to forget about them for a while. Anton excused himself to Gustamps but said he had an urgent appointment to go to. He said that he would pop back to Gustamps’ shop before his holiday ends, for Gustamps’ free stamp valuation.

Thanks again to Anton for his interesting valuation experiences and letting Gustamps publish them.