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He should have come to Gustamps first

Greg Parry telephoned Gustamps too late. Greg told Gustamps he was trying to find out what his stamps were worth by looking at Ebay prices. Unable to compare his stamps with those on Ebay, Greg contacted a dealer in Sctland, local to a valuation. The dealer in Scotland charged Greg a valuation fee of £25 giving Greg a “market valuation” of approx. £60 for the entire collection. The Scottish dealer was not interested in buying the collection himself. Eventually Greg found out from a friend at work that Gustamps valuations are free. Greg then contacted Gustamps for a free valuation to confirm the value of his collection. Gustamps gave Greg a free valuation and confirmed the stamps were worth somewhere between £55-£75. Gustamps also offered to buy the collection for £75. Thanking Gustamps for the free valuation, Greg decided to keep the collection after all. Greg was upset that he had paid the dealer in Scotland £25 and said he wished he had come to Gustamps first. If you need to have your stamps valued, do not pay for the service, have your stamps valued free by Gustamps.


How long should a stamp valuation take?


Shane contacted Gustamps on 14th April 2014 and asked Gustamps ‘how long do I have to wait for a free valuation from Gustamps? As there is some urgency and I need to have a valuation quickly.’


Gustamps answered that it depends on how busy we are at the time. Most valuations are completed within a few days, often you can obtain a valuation from Gustamps on the same day. Gustamps have been known many times to give instant valuations on the spot within a few mintes of being requested and remember speedy valuations are at no extra charge. Gustamps stamp valuations are free regardless of how soon they are given.

Gustamps would like to thank Shane for his question and Shane’s valuation took only an hour and a half. If any readers would like to have their own stamps valued free of charge please contact Gustamps at your convenience.


Question to Gustamps

Question to Gustamps #3

My stamps have a sentimental value as they were handed down to me as an heirloom, so I would not want to sell them whatever the value. Having said that, could I still have a valuation from Gustamps?

Gustamps answer –

Of course you can, Gustamps valuations are a free of charge service. You need not sell your stamps and you are perfectly entitled to a Gustamps valuation, just like everyone else. A Gustamps valuation would be of use to you too, even if you do not wish to sell your treasured stamps. It would be nice to know what they are worth. A market price valuation from Gustamps would tell you that and the valuations are free.

Question to Gustamps

Question to Gustamps #2

My stamps are loose in an envelope, do I have to sort them out in some order before I bring them to Gustamps fpr a valuation?

Gustamps answer –

No. Just bring them as they are – the stamps will be worth the same whether they are all neat in an album or stock book, or loose in an envelope. Gustamps valuations expert will be pleased to see them and remember Gustamps valuations are free of charge.

Frequently asked questions about stamp valuations from Gustamps

Gustamps get many different questions from people wanting to have their stamps valued, here are a few of them.

Question to Gustamps #1

I havn’t collected in years but found my old schoolboy stamp album. Is it worth valuing?

Gustamps answer –

Yes, you never know, you might have stamps of some value. Bring them along to Gustamps and find out. The valuation is free of charge.

Welcome to Gustamps Free Stamp Valuations Service

Gustamps firmly believe that no one should charge stamp collectors to have their stamps valued. Valuations from Gustamps are completely and absolutely free of any cost or charge. A basic right of all stamp collectors is, in Gustamps’ opinion, to have the ability to have their stamps professionally and expertly valued without the encumbrance of any charges. This page is designed to answer frequently asked questions about the values of stamps.  If you have any questions about stamp values you can telephone Gustamps Free Valuations Department, at Gustamps stamp emporium on 01273 326994 with the knowledge that you will not be charged for your valuation.