Monthly Archives: March 2015

Mrs Blake’s lucky find

Gustamps were visited by Mrs Blake who works locally in Brighton. Mrs Blake came into Gustamps shop with a group of postcards which she said she had unearthed whilst cleaning out her loft. Mrs Blake said she was downsizing and before she threw the postcards away her son told her she should check out their value. Gustamps told Mrs Blake her son’s advice was good and her postcards indeed were collectible. Gustamps valuer told Mrs Blake the cards dated back to WWI and were posted from France. The cards had been censored with the names of the towns crossed out and scarce censor marks and cachets adorned the postcards. Gustamps valuation for the group of cards was £45 and Mrs Blake was told that Gustamps would offer that amount to buy them. Mrs Blake was pleased to accept the offer telling Gustamps valuer she would have been ready to throw them in the bin. Mrs Blake also told Gustamps manager she was going to split the £45 payment with her son for his good advice.

Gustamps thanks Mrs Blake for letting Gustamps share her valuation experience at Gustamps with other readers.